Ginkgo Space

Gallery Introduction

Founded in 2014 Beijing, as an art gallery whose vision focuses on the ecosystem of Asia contemporary art, Ginkgo Space's mission is to provide active support to artists’ processes of developing and gaining greater perspectives on their artistic practices. With our collaboration, we hope to build the artist’s reputation and widen their international recognition. Our exhibition program is aimed at exploring and discovering the artistic practices that define our cultural identity, through which we are committed to setting up platforms for profound dialogues between the artists, critics, curators, and audiences of contemporary art.

Exhibition Introduction

Wang Guofeng: How to connect our memories

21.03.19 - 04.05.19

Since 2006, Wang Guofeng has been working on these two series of photographs, Ideal and Utopia based on historical sites and architectures remnants from China, the former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, and other former socialist states. Both series present large-scale and monumental architectures that initially were aimed at propagating ideologies and national wills at specific moments in the history of humanity. These large-scale and spectacular architectures are as much the embodiments of power and ideology as they are spatial installations in the spectacles of power. Wang Guofeng isolates these objectified spectacles from history in his reinvestigations of them, and transforms them into bewildering compositions with the naked eye in order to emphasize on their implicit meanings. These spectacles are endowed with traces of time, as well as shapes of ideology. They are both physical and symbolic. Wang Guofeng conceives the frontal shots of these architectures as the objects of his gaze, and through his precise portrayal, Wang probes the representation of national will within aesthetics and spatial domains.

65, 798 Art Zone, Chaoyang District, Beijing