Long March Space

Gallery Introduction

Founded by Lu Jie in the 798 Art District of Beijing in 2002, Long March Space plays a vital role in pursuing new avenues of production, discourse and promotion of contemporary art in China. Its 2500 square meters space provides a leading exhibition venue to progressively showcase intellectually and culturally significant works. Working to advance the careers of over twenty artists, the gallery values the well-established artists as its great asset and continually scouts for emerging talents. Long March Space has produced more than a hundred exhibitions and projects since its formation in 2002. The gallery tirelessly revolutionizes the ways in which art is perceived and presented, offering one of the most comprehensive resource platforms for the local arts community in China.

Exhibition Introduction

“Today Became a Holiday” is Long March Space’s first exhibition of 2019, showing paintings by Wu Shanzhuan, one of the most important conceptual artists in China and a key figure in the 85 New Wave. This “Holiday” is the “World Flatday” named by Wu Shanzhuan. This exhibition will present Wu Shanzhuan’s paintings created over the past 30 years. Over 200 pieces of work jointly make up this field of “Holiday”. 

These works were sent out from Hamburg, Reykjavik and Shanghai to arrive in Beijing by seven sendings (shipments) as the gifts for the “Holiday”, each arrival pushing us one step closer to the “Holiday”. Wu Shanzhuan’s artistic practice creates a world that needs to be “read”, the massive exposure in this exhibition stating his proof of work, and how for him painting is a remedy to resist the burnout syndrome of the contemporary. 

798 Art Zone, Chaoyang District, Beijing