Platform China Contemporary Art Institute

Gallery Introduction

Platform China Contemporary Art Institute was founded in 2005 in Beijing, and moved into 798 area in the end of 2015. Platform China is an experimental and open platform. As a finder, pusher and participant of art, Platform China focuses on the promotion of the art practice and the construction of the art ecology, continually promoting the international communication on contemporary art. 

Exhibition Introduction

Gong Lilong: Rehearsal

22.03.19 - 12.05.19

Platform China is pleased to present the solo exhibition “Gong Lilong: Rehearsal”on March 22, 2019.There are two aspects of “rehearsal”: first, it is a presentation of Gong Lilong's art practice in the past 30 years; second, it implies the dramatic features formed by the distance between his art language and reality. Gong Lilong ,who was born in Dalian in 1953,is a representative figure of northern painting in China. This exhibition will present an overview of his art trajectory over more than 30 years. 

Liu Xiaochun once commented on his artworks"very solemn humor and very serious absurdity".Gong Lilong is independent of trend,picturing his art by dramatizing reality and actualizing the drama. As Stendhcl , a french writer,said, "laughter is the stage of hypocrisy, and truth is serious." 

D07 Main 2nd Street, 798 Art Zone, Chaoyang District, Beijing