Triumph Gallery

Gallery Introduction

Triumph Gallery was founded in 2007 in the heart of 798 Art Zone, Beijing and forms strong relations with Asian collectors since over 10 years. The Triumph Gallery represents established and emerging Chinese contemporary artists, such as Fang Lijun, Pan Dehai, Jia Difei, Liang Ying, Li Yuduan, Li Xinjian, Cai Jin, Xu Hong, Yang Liming, Pan Jian, He Jie, Tu Xi, Xu Hongxiang and Zhang Kai. The mission of Triumph Gallery is to work on the careers of artists, by enabling collaborations with museums and institutions and by supporting projects outside of the gallery walls. Various exhibitions have been organized and curated by influential curators.

Exhibition Introduction

Wu Daxin: Terrestrial Harmonies

22.03.19 - 20.04.19

We are pleased to present the first solo show of Wu Daxin at the Triumph Gallery entitled “Terrestrial Harmonies” on March 22nd, 2019. Curated by the international curator Fabio Cavallucci, the exhibition presents four new major works created for the occasion. They are Long (Dragon), Tribute to Yuichi, Seven-storeyed Pagoda, and Pharmacist Buddha. 

Wu Daxin, an artist from Quanzhou with international experience, has been dealing with issues related to the disappearance of traditional Chinese culture due to fast economic growth for years. There is an ethical dimension running through the work of Wu Daxin, an aspiration to rediscover harmony, a relational system between things, which progress - with its abrupt interventions - often tends to delete. Art is perhaps the great force capable of achieving this revamp, of rediscovering a harmony which is placed on earth for humankind and not in the celestial spheres of the Hyperuranion. 

A-05, 798 Art Zone, Chaoyang District, Beijing