Mai 36 Galerie

Gallery Introduction

Mai 36 Galerie was founded Victor Gisler and celebrated its first opening with a groundbreaking exhibition by Les Levine in 1988. Since 1996, the gallery has been located in the center of Zurich where it opened its newly additional spaces in 2017. 

Mai 36 Galerie presents and promotes the work of both emerging and established international contemporary artists alike. For more than 30 years, Mai 36 Galerie has been working with John Baldessari, Stephan Balkenhol, Matt Mullican, Thomas Ruff and Lawrence Weiner amongst others. In addition, the gallery represents several artist estates. Jacobo Castellano, Michel Pérez Pollo and Zang Kunkun are amongst the young artists that have been added to the gallery program more recently. The gallery features the work of the artists continuously in individual exhibitions and publications as well as at various established international art fairs. Mai 36 Galerie has been working closely with museums and institutions around the world and has gained a reputation for the longstanding collaborations with its artists.

Exhibition Introduction

Michel Pérez Pollo – In Front Of The World

22.03.19 - 14.04.19

Mai 36 Galerie is pleased to announce its participation in Gallery Weekend Beijing 2019 with Michel Pérez Pollo’s first ever exhibition in China, opening on 22 March 2019.

The exhibition, titled In Front Of The World, shows Pollo’s (*1981 in Manzanilla, Cuba) recent works that explore figurative situations, sculptural portraiture and the metaphysical. Through his skilled conduction of colour and form, the paintings appear to show motifs familiar to the beholder, without having to identify with rigid concepts or definitions. It is precisely this balance that grants Pollo’s work a universal expression that speaks to our innate self, transcending cultural structures and societal norms, while maintaining an element of the unknown. 

In an interview to Laura Salas Redondo for her upcoming book Cuba Talks, Pollo elaborates on a central aspect in his work:  

“For me, painting has an intrinsic metaphysical component. It is always something beyond physics, the object or what we see. Perhaps, metaphysical is the most appropriate term I find to refer to my work. It has to do with the relationship between elements and the emotional impact that these relationships generate. For me this is fundamentally related to the mystery and what we don’t know about the most common things.”

Pollo studied at the Escuela Profesional De Artes Plásticas in Holguín and at the Instituto De Arte in Havana. Recent exhibitions include his acclaimed solo exhibition MARMOR at the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes in Havana (November 2018 -- February 2019) and the group show Kunst x Kuba – zeitgenössische Positionen seit 1989 at the Ludwig Forum Aachen (September 2017 -- February 2018).

SZ Art Center, 4, Jiuxianqiao Rd. Chaoyang District, Beijing (Exhibition location during GWBJ 2019)