CAFA Art Museum

The CAFA Art Museum is a professional and international modern art museum that conducts academic research, presents exhibitions, restores artworks and provides art education. The museum upholds the philosophy of open-mindedness and is rooted in the concept of using knowledge to serve society. It aims to bridge the past and the future through presenting great artistic and cultural accomplishments of our humanity, and share the culture of our times with all quarters of society. The new building designed by Pritzker Prize Laureate, the noted architect Arata Isozaki. In the end of 2010, the CAFA Art Museum was selected to be one of the firsts to be listed as the Key National Museums.

Bruno Walpoth: Mute Encounters    5.3-1.5.2019

Marc Quinn: Under the Skin    8.3-1.5.2019

Paintings and Drawings, 1960-: For Beauty is Nothing But the Beginning of Terror    8.3-1.5.2019

Lin GangPainting / Vitality A Research of Lin Gang’s Art    12.3-1.5.2019

CAFA ANNUAL FINE ARTS NOMINATION EXHIBITION 2019, Zhou Jirong & Ye Nan: Between the Heavenly and the Human    14.3-1.5.2019

No.8 Hua Jia Di Nan St., Chao Yang District, Beijing, P. R. China